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    My neice very recently did a Google search of some information we had turned up from the family archive and turned up a thread on your old board about Blenheim losses in Egypt in 1940. Blenheim L.8386 crashed 60 miles east of Suez in the early hours of 12th May 1940. My father, LAC King was the only survivor from among the four crew. He never talked about the crash and is long dead, but we have started to take a belated interest and were fascinated by the details about the incident given in the thread.

    I've now found I have my father's logbook. The final two entries read as follows:

    May 11 1940 0645-0845 L.8386 Sgt. Claxton Operational exercise Flight formation W/T ok Landed Fuka 2hrs
    2350- ? L.8386 Sgt Claxton To Ismalia Crashed Sinai Desert 60 miles east of Suez Sgt Claxton x Sgt Smith x LAC Jobling x

    The thread we found added the information that the aircraft had been on a searchlight and observer post exercise, became lost and flew into high ground at 1,000 ft while trying to locate a landmark. If anyone could point me towards further details I would be very grateful.

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    Default Blenheim L8386


    Hope this will help you. This is what I have on my system as the entry for our book "RAF Bomber losses in the Middle East and Mediterranean".

    12 May 1940, Blenheim I, L8386, 55 Sqn RAF,

    564591. Sgt R.H. Claxton, RAF. Pilot +
    562869. Sgt N.F. Smith, RAF. Obs +
    538896. LAC R.J. King, RAF. WOp/AG I
    524001. LAC R.C. Jobling, RAF. AG +

    Took off 0730, Ismailia/Moascar, Egypt, 11th May 1940. Landed at Fuka Main (LG 17), Egypt, at 1100 hrs. Took off Fuka Main (LG 17), Egypt, at 2330 hrs. On an Air Defence of Egypt Exercise. Lost the formation approximately 40 km west of Alexandria on the return flight and flew into high ground at 0220 hrs, 90 km from Ismailia on the Ismailia-Palestine Road, whilst pilot was flying low in order to locate himself, 12th May 1940. Three of the crew are buried at Ismailia, War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt (1.D.2; 2.A.2; 2.B.2).


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    Default Blenheim L.8386

    Thanks Pel! That's quite a bit of new detail. Much appreciated.

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