I bit of a long shot here, but I am trying to establish which Harry W. Smith was Adjutant of 41 Squadron from about mid 1942 to early 1944 (confirmed definitely between 3 August 1942 and 27 October 1943). He held the rank of Fg Off on the Squadron from at least 31 July 1942-7 September 1943.

I have found three in the London Gazette but cannot establish which of these, if any, was my man.

51173, Harry Walter Smith, commissioned into Tech Branch from Sgt 21 Apr 1943 - could not have been Fg Off in July 1942

78016, Harold Warwick Smith, confirmed Fg Off (WS) in ASD Branch, 13 Mar 1941, & promoted to Flt Lt 3 Jul 1942 - rank therefore too high

105591, Harry Walter Smith, promoted to Prob Fg Off in ASD Branch, 1 Oct 1942 - too late a promotion to Fg Off.

The 41 Squadron ORB confirms Smith held the rank Fg Off at 3 Aug 1942

Does anyone have a Harry W Smith as a Sqn Adjutant on this or any other squadron that may confirm which Smith is which, please?

Will the real Harry W Smith please step forward?!