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Just to add the following, taken from the 58 Squadron O.R.B.

Form 540:
On 20th August W/C Grant found three U-boats off la Pallice and made a bombing run. The bombs were not released on this run owing to inaccurate tracking over the target and the remaining flares were wastedr on a different radar contact. The aircraft was flying round the area at 800 to 1,000 feet had just passed a radar contact when there was an explosion in the aircraft cabin and it immediately crashed into the sea. Five of the crew got out of the aircraft but two died during the night. W/C Grant, Lt. Hendrickson and F/Sgt Martlew were picked up after ten and a half hours in the sea, H.M.C.S. St. John, a frigate of the 9th Escort Group.

Form 541:
Halifax JP296 (O)
Ranger Patrol
Up: 19.55

W/C J. B. Grant
Lt. C. D. Hendrickson (USAAF)
F/O D. Phillips
F/Sgt. Martlew G.
P/O W. H. Cockburn
F/Sgt. Greig S.
W/O McKean W.
Sgt. Knight M. L.

Airborne at Brawdy. Patrol area reached at 22.40. Numerous contacts investigated with no result. Weather and visibility good. At about 01.20 a good contact was obtained off the Gironde. Three flares were released and one, two and then a third U-boat were seen, each 3-400 yards apart. No attack was made, as tracking was unsuccessful. Subsequent attempts also failed owing to a large number of contacts in area. At 2.00 aircraft proceeded towards escort group and immediately obtained a good contact close on port beam; immediately afterwards there was an explosion, and aircraft crashed into water from 800 feet. Five of the crew escaped but no dinghy was found. During the night Sgt. Knight was lost, and later F/O Phillips died. The dead body of F/S Cockburn was seen in the water. Eventually the three survivors, W/C Grant, Lt. Hendrickson and F/Sgt Martlew were picked up by H.M.C.S. “St. John” at 12.25 on 21st August after 10Ĺ hours in the sea. A fuller report is contained in file 58S/357/191* which has been marked ‘Historical Document.’

*any ideas what/where that might be?