P/O J. D. Mause - an American with No. 56 Sqn?

Thread: P/O J. D. Mause - an American with No. 56 Sqn?

  1. vrajm said:

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    Hi all,
    According to 56´s ORB, P/O J. D. Mause first appears on the 541 'solo on type' Typhoon R7633 1 April 42. His last appearance is 31 July 42. His name is not mentioned in the National Archive´s AIR 78.
    I found two articles:

    THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Saturday, February 3, 1962 Twenty Years Ago: February 3, 1942
    JOHN D MAUSE JR., OF MYERSVILLE, (Maryland, USA) who has been a member of the Royal Air Force for some months, made a narrow escape from death while landing during a heavy fog.

    Lieut. John D. Mause, Jr., Recovering From Injuries Received In Plane Crash
    '"I'm getting nervous to get back," Lieut. John D. Mause, Jr., U. S. Army Air Corps and former RAF pilot, said Monday night at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mause, Sr., at Myersville, where he is convalescing from serious injuries sustained last December when his plane crashed in combat.
    Partially recovered from severe skull injuries, which required 29 stitches to close. Lieut. Mause emphasized his desire to get back into action. He has been visiting his parents since April 1 and is to report to an Army hospital on May 3 for observation.
    A veteran of the RAF, with which he was active for fourteen months, Lieut. Mause said he participated in the invasion of Africa with the U. S. Army Air Corps after being transferred from the RAF last September 25.
    His service with the RAF, he said, included two months as an instructor and three months as a test pilot before going into combat work.

    Did Lieut. John D. Mause, Jr. fly with the 56´s or not? Does anybody know more?

  2. phill jones said:

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    hi , not sure if this helps , but The above officer trained on Spitfires with 53 OTU during late 41 -42 , Here he survived two minor prangs , he was a good freind of LEROY GOVER it would seem they both went through early flt training in US . i can supply more detailed information with regard to his days at 53 OTU if you need it , my notes also state he went to a RAF TYPHOON SQD , and he suffered spine damage in a prang ? at work at mo but will check in more detail later , get back to me if you want more on the 53 OTU GEN.
    bw phill jones
  3. vrajm said:


    Thank you very much, Phill. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.
  4. phill jones said:

    Default P/O J.D.Mause

    Mojmir , hope the following will be of use to you ,
    Leroy gover and JD MAUSE (Known as JACK), Flew together at Bakersfield California airport in Aug 1941, Gover and Mause plus some ,others sailed across to the UK together and joined 53 OTU in Dec 1941 , Gover was in A FLT and Mause in B flt , On the 29th Dec 1941 Mause got lost and was running low on fuel and made a u/c raised f/l in Spitfire L1038 Nr Stormy Down , the aircraft being later written off due to this accident then again on the 23rd March 1942 while flying Spitfire X4337 the engine cut and a f/l was made in a field with u/c up and went through a hedge and overturned at Llandow again Mause was unhurt aircraft cat b damage .

    Gover and Mause graduated from 53 OTU on the 23/2/42, Gover and Jay Reed another US pilot who sailed with them were notified that they were to remain at 53 OTU as staff pilots it was also probable that MAUSE WAS also retained as a staff pilot also (hence the date of the crash of SPITFIRE X4337).The day after this crash the 24th March 1942, MAUSE AND JAY REED were told they were to be posted to a New TYPHOON SQD , In October 1942 , Mause LEFT FOR NORTH AFRICA, WITH THE USAAF , by DEC 43 , he was back in the UK , after being shot down. In Hospital with a Fractured skull, he may have flown P51 Mustangs ? . It would seem he was sent back to the USA as unfit to fly following this crash ?

    To date this is what i have on Mause , if you uncover anymore on him i would love to hear from you so i can add more detail to my notes on him . Please may i ask if it would be possible to obtain copies of the ORB pages from 56 SQD that refer to him or JAY REED ? hope you dont mind me asking , i also have a little more detail on JAY REED if you wish it and i have some poor quality pics of both MAUSE AND REED

  5. vrajm said:


    Hi Phill,
    Thank you very much for next excellent details and sorry I haven’t written - I was busy.
    Unfortunately I haven´t got any form 540; and just several pages of 541. All my notes are from many sources. Jay Reed: I never heard about him before.
    John David Mause is son of the John David Mause Sr. and Viola Poffenberger Mause, Myersville, Maryland, U.S.A. He was born 1919, (93).

    Some new information of uncertain validity:

    During summer 1942 were J. D. Mause, Jay Reed and Lee Gover at Dieppe (19 August 1942) and during September were transferred to the American Air Force „because of increased pay and insurance“.
    Also during summer 1942 J.D.Mause „was chosen to fly various types of planes for the Duke of Kent“. (He was killed on 25 August 1942)
    „transferred to the Transport Command Service (the Ambulance Division of the Army Transport Command at Romulus, Mich) after having completed many months of active combat flying in the European Theater. He was returned to the States after he had been shot down during a raid.“ (Where? When? Unit?)
  6. phill jones said:

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    Mojmir , thanks for the additional gen on Mause , very interesting , i am afraid i cannot help with any details concerning the crash in which Mause was injured and sent back to UK , i can not also help with regard to his transfer the AAF , if you find out please let me know ? however , i have some more stuff to check out and if anything comes to light i will let you know , i can tell you that LEROY GOVER flew with NO 66 RAF SQD during the DIEPPE operation .
    in fact his sqd (no 66), had been notified on the 15th AUG 42 that gover was to go to the U.S EAGLE SQD 133 , HOWEVER FOR FEAR OF MISSING THE DIEPPE OP he left for US 133 EAGLE the day after DIEPPE . Gover had joined 66 from 53 otu , I HAVE NOT HEARD if MAUSE OR REED had taken part in the Dieppe op but Gover does not mention them at all with him at 66 sqd HOWEVER they may have taken part with another unit ,possibly the TYPHOON SQD that they were supposed to have gone to ?(not sure if Typhoons were used at Dieppe ).

    i also have nothing to suggest that either MAUSE OR REED FLEW WITH THE EAGLES SQDS .

    SO THE PLOT THICKENS , either way if i uncover anymore i will let you know , please do the same as i would like to know more .

    until later phill
  7. vrajm said:


    Phill, do you know this title?
    Philip D. Caine: Spitfires, Thunderbolts, and Warm Beer: An American Fighter Pilot Over Europe.
  8. phill jones said:

    Default p/o mause

    Mojmir , yes i do ,i have a copy , further also to my last it would seem That 56 sqd typhoons DID IN FACT FLY OVER dieppe ,
    3 sqds of Typhoons were based at RAF DUXFORD , the First typhoon wing comprising of 56,266,609 sqd , just a few lines to strengthen the case for MAUSE /REED FLYING WITH 56 SQD over DIEPPE ?
  9. jossleclercq said:


    Quote Originally Posted by phill jones View Post
    (not sure if Typhoons were used at Dieppe ).

    I can confirm the 3 Typhoon Squadrons (56, 266 and 609) flew at Dieppe. They were merged together as a Wing, but after that, the Squadrons were separated and flew against the "hit and run" German Jabos for a while.

    I'll have a look at my files, I know I have a few pages of No. 56 Squadron ORB, but from memory it's later in the war, when I was looking for the dates of postings in/out of Patrick Thornton-Brown. I'll post back if I finda anything.