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Thread: Infrared bombing training sortie

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    Default Infrared bombing training sortie


    Can anybody tell me exactly what an infrared bombing training sortie is? All I know is that 'targets' for training purposes sent some sort of signal to a camera onboard the aeroplane. There is very little on the internet about this subject.

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    I think there may well have been a thread about IR bombing training before but the basics are:

    The aircraft was equipped with a camera with IR sensitive film, when the trainee Obs/BA had guided the pilot to where he believed the target was he would use the bomb release to expose the film. If he had got the aircraft to the right place the IR source would show up.

    The IR lights were mobile and could be parked up near enough anywhere.

    The training sorties were a combination of (night) cross country navigation with one or more targets to be photographed.
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