From King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for the Royal Air Force 1943

Section II - The Certificate of Service

Preparation for Recruits:-

The Officer i/c Records will, as soon as the attestation of a recruit has been approved, prepare a certificate of service (Form 280) for him from the attestation paper. He will enter on the certificate the airman's full name, official number, date and place of birth, age on entry, occupation in civil life, trade in the RAF, religious denomination, details of his engagement in H.M. forces, if married the particulars of the marriage, and the airman's personal description. The form will then be forwarded to the unit to which the airman is posted with his other service documents.

Documents to be enclosed in Form 280:-
The following documents relating to an airman will be kept enclosed in his certificate of service as and when their preperation for him becomes necessary.

(a) Record of trade test (flimsy of Form 167).
(b) Deleted
(c) Absent voter's card (Form 514).
(d) Miscellaneous record sheet (Form 125).
(e) The original service certificate, or an authenticated copy thereof, of an airman who transferred from the RN, RM or Royal Naval Air Service to the RAF.
(f) A Form 200 prepared by the Officer i/c Records from his military documents, for an airman who transferred from the Army, including Royal Flying Corps, to the RAF.
(g) The Form 280 of a discharged airman who re-enlists.
(h) Deleted
(j) A certificate awarded under the provisions of para 251. (Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - Certificate to Ex-Naval Ratings - Ross)
(k) Service and general conduct sheets (Forms 120 and 121)
(l) Publications (Personal Issues) Card (Form 506)

Pins will not be used in attaching documents to the certificate of service.