Hi everyone im new having just joined because i am looking for information on one of my relatives. My grandmothers brother.

So here is all the info i have been given via her family. Name Flight lieutenant Herbert Alfred Andrews joined the RAF around 1918 in the boy service ? left the RAF around 1950 or so probably not later maybe earlier.

was based for times at Northholt, Uxxbridge and have been told Whitehall. My Grans daughter has told me that he also worked alongside Churchill part of WW2 and was something to do with air photography and at times based in the war rooms ?. My father who still has one of his cameras says He remembers being told that only he could open the cameras that had come back from missions ?. I have also been told that on one of his medals he had an oak leaf and was mentioned in dispatches but have no idea which medals he had.

Hope some one can be of assistance and point me in the right direction

Regards Chris