A french book states that a flat area between "la Herlière" and the "bois de Baséque" near Arras in northern France, had been prepared as a small landing ground and that on 5 September 1944, a twin-engine machine landed, and Field Marshal Montgomery got out of it, went to Arras which he visited, and then he flew back. As many details from this author's book are often wrong, I'd like to check if such a visit is true, or at least possible.

I know that Montgomery had the use of a Miles Messenger, and a few years ago, one still flying was painted as his (RG333) and I've seen it on a few occasions at airshows. But the Messenger is a single-engine communication aircraft.

Can someone enlighten me about this, or suggest sources to check ? I've seen No. 83 and No. 84 Group Communication Squadrons' ORBs but they are not detailed, and I imagine that transporting such an important officer would have found its way on the ORB.

Thanks in advance.