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Thread: Photograph of No. 21 (pilots) course 19 OTU Kinloss May 1941

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    Default Photograph of No. 21 (pilots) course 19 OTU Kinloss May 1941

    Sometime ago I asked for help in identifying a group of pilots at 19 OTU Kinloss in May 1941. There was an excellent response which understandably ran cold, so after a suitable pause I'm asking once again. The URL above will show the course which began on 11 May 1941.

    Thank you

    ABECASSIS, George Edgar Became Squadron Leader with 161 Squadron flying Sterlings. He was shot down on 7/10/1944 from Tempsford on operation Table Jam. Became PoW in Stalag Luft III.
    FLOCKHART, C.B. Sgt, Later Wg Cdr). 2nd Pilot on Halifax Mk I, Serial No. 9516 MP, shot down 5 Aug 1941. Baled out over Glabeek, Belgium (40km E Brussels), captured, sent to Stalag Luft 1, moved to Stalag Luft VI in Summer of 1943. Escaped 18 Feb 1944, returned to UK via Sweden. Awarded DCM 26 Feb1946 at Buckingham Palace by King George VI. Died 15 Mar1988.
    FORD-HUTCHINSON, Roger Francis Stuart. Sgt, died 24/7/1941 with 76 Squadron flying Halifaxes
    #GUICK could be Gruer
    IVESON, Douglas 'Hank' Born 1917, service number 86384, flew every type of heavy bomber during the war. Post war, flew all types of 'V' bombers, Became Group Captain OC Waddington during Avro Vulcan days. Died 1994
    #JONES, L.
    #MARTIN, could be Hamilton-Martin
    #PERKS or PERK. S.
    #POOLES or PERK.S.
    PUTTICK, Wilfred. Died 26/7/1941 with 10 Squadron flying Whitleys.
    REYNOLDS, John Alfred. Died 8/9/1941 with 51 Squadron flying Whitleys
    ROWLEY-BLAKE, Douglas Sgt, died 8/11/1941 with 58 Squadron flying Whitleys. His aircraft was lost at sea while returning from a bombing raid on Berlin. Attended High Storrs Grammar School, 1932-1937
    #SUTSCOOPER or S.U.T.S. Cooper
    #WHYTE could be 'Chic' Whyte, 76 Sqn 1945
    #WILLIAMS, if Williams NL came from No.2 SFTS
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    Dear Norman
    No names that ring a bell with me. The only suggestion I can make is to look at the 19OTU ORB which may list their comings and goings either before or after the date of the photo. This could list their service number which could be cross referenced with the CWGC. A bit long winded but is has worked for me. If a lot of them end up going to the same squadrons it would be worth doing the same on those ORBs as there is a high chance that they did not survive long on a squadron before being killed or POW.
    Teaching you to suck eggs but at least it is a response!
    Happy hunting

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    Thank you James

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