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Thread: Hawker Hurricane V7180 59 OTU 05/07/1943

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    Default Hawker Hurricane V7180 59 OTU 05/07/1943

    Can anyone provide any more information regarding the los of this aircraft.

    Pilot 136446 P/O Ellis, died the next day in hospital at Newcastle.
    59 OTU ORB gives no hint of the location.
    F1180 states, crash was Forced Landing, 5 miles south of Wooler, Northumberland.
    Air Britain, has Engine failure, F/L 5 miles south of Wooler.
    Northumberland Aviaition Diary (D Walton) has it as Beanley, Northumberland. 1/4mile from Beanley farm (Beanley is 8 miles South East of Wooler)
    Aeromilitaria Winter 2010 has it as Beanley, Northumberland..
    The people who Own Beanley and who were there during the war do not have any record of a crash on their estate, but know of the others nearby.


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