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Thread: F/L WHITTINGTON, No. 127 Squadron, 2 October 1944

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    Default F/L WHITTINGTON, No. 127 Squadron, 2 October 1944


    I'm looking for details about F/L Jack WHITTINGTON, 129509, from No. 127 Squadron, hit by Flak during a bombing mission on Calais in the morning. The Squadron had carried out a first mission on Calais in the morning, with 12 Spitfires, and he was lost on the second mission on the same target, which involved 10 Spitfires.

    As Calais garrison had surrendered a couple of days before, I think there were still some isoldated German positions which had not surrendered, hence this "late" operation to reduce these pockets. The ORB doesn't contain much detail, apart "bombing gun position near Calais".

    As he's buried in Schoonselhof Cemetery, Antwerp, Belgium (III / G / 18), can someone confirm his body was found on a Belgian beach on the North Sea ?

    Also, as the cherry on the cake, does anybody has the individual letter of Spitfire IX PT772 ?



    PS : found an earlier discussion about him :

    But any new information welcome
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