I’ve recently purchased two watercolours by aviation artist John Larder after seeing an ad in my local supermarket. The first is of an Anson Mk1 in training colours about to touch down with crew of four clearly visible inside the ‘greenhouse’ cockpit. It carries the pencilled inscription ‘John Larder 10ANS Dumfries 1944’. Upon checking I find that prior to August 1945, 10ANS was called 10(Observer) Advanced Flying Unit and was indeed at Dumfries. Also the watercolour looks remarkably fresh and clean for 1944, so it might be a commission from a photograph.

The second is a Canberra in the clouds, possibly a B2 with the two man cockpit cover and a Perspex nose. The registration is WI 778 or W 1788. The fuselage is silver with red tip tanks and a red ‘speed flash’ triangle with white edges along the two longest sides (Could this be 50Sqn? (No dingoes though)) painted on the fin.

If anyone could give me any information about either of these aircraft or indeed the paintings I would be very grateful.