Does anyone have access to the ORB's for 10 OTU for the months of February to May 1944?.

I am trying to establish if there is any mention of the following: GB Thomas (Navigator), AE Johnson (Pilot), H Coulton (Bomb-Aimer), R Neale and DF Hadland (Air Gunners), RM Jenkins (WOP)

I know that GB Thomas was posted to 10 OTU on 29th February 1944 and then to 41 Base on 18th May 1944.

Also, does anyone have the ORB's for 41 Base HCU's (1652, 1658, 1663) for May 1944 to July 1944?

Again, trying to see if there is any mention of the above, plus CA Butler (the flight engineer who joined them at the HCU)

Any help would be much appreciated