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Thread: Spitfire Collison 57 OTU 2-11-41

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    Default Spitfire Collison 57 OTU 2-11-41

    Fror Spitfire N3066 in Air Britain Aeromilitaria it states that it collided with P9550. However
    I believe this to be actually P9559

    Which crashed at Kimmel Park Bodelwydd on this date.

    For P9550 I have Failed To Return from Met flight 7.11.41 with 1401 Flt (this is also what is in Ross McNeills vol.I page 162 of CC Losses)

    On this date the following two pilots are buried at Hawarden on this date:
    P/O H.W. PRONK - 107918 (from Holland)
    Sgt Pierre L.M. MOREAUX - 1380465 (from France)

    Who can confirm

    a) Aircraft in collison were N3066 and P9559
    b) The pilots of the two aircraft that crashed
    c) Where N3066 crashed

    BTW Air Britain Crashes has

    2.11.41 Spitfire I N3066 57 OTU Kinmel Park, Bodelwyddan, Flint Collison
    2.11.41 Spitfire I P9559 57 OTU Kinmel Park, Bodelwyddan, Flint Collison


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