Hi all,

I am tring to find out more information about RAF service and life of the following man of British origin (I believe):

Jim Collier, morse instructor, No. 1 Signal School Cranwell, I know he was there as an civil instructor between Feb - Jun 1941 at least, I suppose he was around 40. In April 1942 or around he became an offcier - I suppose a RAF officer. I have no luck with the LG.
Also I know his wife was an American lady, Annette Collier, member of ATS in the UK from 1942 till 1945 and in November 1945 she was sending a letters from address 100 Northwood Rd., Harefield, Middx. My attempts of this address research brought also no result.

Both of them were great friends of Czecholovak airmen so it is the reason of my interest.

Many thanks in advance for any additional information or advices.