Dear All,
This subject was aired a few years ago. But I have ‘lost’ it in my chaotic computer filing system.

It is a b/w photograph of 8 RAF(?) personnel (Commissioned, WO, NCO, and ORs) taken outside a Meteorological Office somewhere. We know not where – but probably in, or near, the Middle East (or even the Indian sub-Continent). It was probably taken in the winter season – i.e. the subjects are in ‘Blue’ rather than ‘KD’ uniforms. We are looking at (1) post-WW1, and (2) pre-WW2.

One of the ORs appears to be wearing an SD hat with an RAF cap badge. He is not exhibiting any medal ribbons on his uniform jacket (which has ‘dull’ buttons rather than the brass buttons of most of the others). The peak of his SD hat appears to be narrower than those worn by the ‘brass button’ lot, but the same as those worn by the other ‘dull button’ lot. On his lower left sleeve he has what appears to be an Army “2 Yr Good Conduct” single inverted chevron.

Q1 Was the wearing of any Medal Ribbons on uniform compulsory? (this will give us a “terminus post (or ante) quem” for any Gongs).
Q2 Were those who had transferred to the RAF from the Army allowed to wear their Good Conduct chevrons? (presumably until such time as Air Ministry said “Take ‘em orff”).
Q3 Did the RAF ever have Good Conduct chevrons? If so, from when, to when?

We are merely trying, by a process of elimination, to exclude dates when this photo might have been taken (there’s a lot of highly technical ‘met’ stuff in view which is being similarly processed ‘off-Forum’).
Peter Davies