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Thread: Rhodesia Air Training Group 1940 to 1942

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    Default Rhodesia Air Training Group 1940 to 1942

    A researcher who is helping me with a piece of work, is having difficulties finding the RAF Forms 540 for the Elementary and Service Flying Training Schools based in Rhodesia in the period 1940 to 1942. These were: 25 to 28 EFTS, 24 B&GS and 20 to 23 SFTS. In essence, she cannot find a reference to them in the National Archives catalogue. I understand that there have been some issues with the online catalogue. Please can anybody help with pointers to the appropriate AIR series files?

    For my part, I am finding that not all serious aircraft accidents in Rhodesia have Forms 1180 filed in the microfilm records at Hendon. In consequence, I have about two dozen trainees and instructors who I know to have been killed in training accidents but I cannot find the aircraft involved. Is there a ‘Rhodesia Expert’ somewhere out there who can help me with this problem? The aircraft are principally; Tiger Moths, Harvards, Oxfords and Ansons. I have exhausted searches of the Air Britain registers and various ‘type specific’ volumes.

    Colin Cummings

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    Grasping at straws!
    In mid/late 1941 the RAF issued two blocks of Enlistment numbers for Rhodesia/South Africa (see below).
    If Wg Cdr Jim Routledge is on the circuit he might just be able to tell you what was going on out there at that time. A lot of Rhodesian Met Officers came to UK at around that time also.
    Bang the woodwork a bit harder!!! Something may fall out!!
    Peter Davies

    710061 to 710999 710446 Nov 1941 Rhodesia for local enlistments
    711000 to 711999 711061 Jun 1941 Rhodesia for South Africans
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