I know this site is to do with RAF matters, but this is an ATA reference for an American

American China National Aviation Corp (CNAC) Pilot James Sollee Browne (who was a Second Officer fpr the ATA for a year in 1940-1941) but later transferred to CNAC and was a co-pilot of C-47 flying over the Hump was killed on November 17, 1942 in C-47 Aircraft Number #60. His aircraft has just been found

The aircraft construction number 4681 of the Douglas Aircraft allowed it to be positively identified as CNAC 60.

This makes it 41-18556

from http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1941_3.html

41-18556 (c/n 4681) to USAAF Sep 02, 1942 - 10th AF, India Oct 14, 1942. Diverted to Chinese National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) Dec 18, 1942. Missing during flight from Kunming to Dinjan Nov 17, 1942.


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