Hello everyone,

I'm looking for more information on the escape route of Reginald Overwijn, pilot of 320 (Dutch) Squadron whose Mitchell bomber was shot down on November 26 1943 near Cherbourg. Overwijn landed with his parachute near the village of Couville and walked the next morning through Cherbourg to Bretteville where he was picked up by the French underground. Near Cherbourg he stayed for a while in a stone quarry before het travelled by train to Paris. From there he moved to a farm near Dreux in Normandy were he stayed several weeks. The housekeeper there was a ballet danser (according to Overwijn in an interview). He was still at the farm at Christmas 1943 and at his birthday (5 february 1944). Afterwards he moved back to Paris and from there to Toulouse. He crossed the the Pyrenees and travelled via Andorra, Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla to Gibraltar. He left ' he rock' by plane on april 9, 1944. Does anyone have more details about his escape (especially dates and travel routes)? Thanks in advance!