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Thread: Research Tidy Up [ITW Course / 4 SoTT Course)]

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    Default Research Tidy Up [ITW Course / 4 SoTT Course)]

    We are trying to finish off our research on Flight Engineer CA Butler who was killed in action with 35 PFF over Bonn 4th February 1945.

    We have included this information regarding the courses at ITW in 1944 "History and structure of the RAF, the theory of flight, navigation, armaments, aircraft recognition, meteorology and Morse code".

    We understand that there were 10 courses / exams; is anyone able to add to or correct this information or is this the best we can get?

    Also, does anyone know where we can get the course details for 4 SoTT in 1944? [We have the information from Eric Mayall's article on the subject]

    Any help would be appreciated.
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