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Thread: Op TORCH SQN codes

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    Default Op TORCH SQN codes

    Hi all,

    I know that Sqn codes for Op Torch were changed to single letter codes, I have read somewhere that 81 Sqn became "A", being the first Sqn to land at Maison Blanche.
    Is this correct?
    What were other Sqn's codes?
    When were these single letter codes changed back to normal codes?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I came across this link while researching F/Lt Desmond Victor Varian of 500 Squadron, and thought it might be of interest to you:

    ...and to quote from the above:


    Aircraft participating in Operation "TORCH" will be marked as follows:

    All Spitfires which constitute the equipment of Twelfth Air Force Fighter Squadrons, and which will, be flown from GIBRALTAR to the theater of operations, to have U.S. insignia and, in addition, replicas of the American Flag displayed as follows:

    (1) On the under-surface of one wing.

    (2) On each side of the fuselage or on each side of the vertical tail surfaces.

    b. British carrier-borne aircraft to be marked with U.S. insignia but not with the American Flag.

    c. Hudson aircraft of No. 500 (G. R.) Squadron, R.A.F,, which are to proceed to an airdrome in the Center Task Force area as early as possible after D Day, to be marked with U.S. insignia but not with the American Flag, before leaving GIBRALTAR.

    d. All U.S. aircraft to be flown direct from U.K. to the Theater of Operations to carry markings similar to those described in a. above.

    e. All R.A.F. aircraft taking part in the Operation, with the exception of those specified in sub-para. c. above, to have R.A.F. markings.

    Maj Gen"

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    I've not seen a dedicated list, but Chapter 5 of Combat Codes by Flintham and Thomas includes these codes in a list of known single character unit codes worn during WW2. There appear to be gaps - A and B but no C or D, for example - so this list would need to be checked against a list of units known to be involved.

    The text states that these codes were generally replaced by mid-1943.

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