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    I recall that you did Bill, and I had a look for any indications that this is what might have happened but found nothing to confirm or deny what the reason for Walter, and Bill whoever he was, had to have been at Valley Forge, a US Army medical hospital.
    I thought that he might have trained there, but his stripes are up and that happened after his training was completed and his wings were presented, and that was only a couple of days prior to his recordeed posting to No1(Y) unit.
    Then I wondered if maybe he was visiting someone, but that seems unlikely.
    And I wondered why, if it was a wee holiday, choose Valley Forge?
    Then I thought that perhaps they were looking into the historical side of Valley Forge?

    Then I got so confused that I simply decided that I'll use the photo and pose the question, and if anyone reading the story knows that answer then they can tell us!
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