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Thread: Problems with Warwick's in the Far East ?

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    Default Problems with Warwick's in the Far East ?

    Reading of the troubles with Warwick's in the Far East (292 Squadron ) Suplimented by Liberators.
    The trouble seems to have been with (a) the Power Units and (b) the Fuselage fabric.
    As the Wellington was used in the far East it seems without problems.
    What was the difference between the two aircraft fuselage fabric's in make up and/or adhesive's ?

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    Just off the top of my head, I would imagine that the covering schemes for Wellingtons and Warwicks would have been very simialr, if not identical, although as the Warwick had more powerful engines and was therefore capable of higher speeds, it may have required more extensive attachment of the fabric to the airframe in certain locations. As to Wellingtons having "no trouble" in the Far East, I would nevertheless guess that their fabric would not have had a particularly long and easy life trying to remain on the airframes, what with the additional stress of high humidity and stronger sunlight combining to do their worst - hangars were even more scarce "out east" than at home. Mosquitos aslo suffred in the tropics without special precuations being taken to protect their woodwork and fabric covering, and in 1946 a major problem arose with this type when it was discovered that water was finding its way deep into the (wooden) landing flaps, the resulting rot causing sometimes dramatic failures of these items when they were deployed.
    David D

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