Hi, I'm looking for accurate information to give the location of where Whitley T4217 came down on return from Ops to Bremen on 11th/12th Feb 1941.

Chorley gives the aircraft as being abandoned nr Bircham Newton, Norfolk. I do not believe the aircraft crashed here or was indeed abandoned here. Can anyone please prove me wrong.

51 Sqn ORB gives no location for aircraft being abandoned other than the crew, less the pilot, abandoned over land, the pilot waited for it to run out of fuel before abandoning. No location for where aircraft came down in the ORB. It does state that the crew were instructed to make a ZZ procedure at Linton on Ouse - suggesting the aircraft was way north of Bircham Newton.

Flypast from afew months ago showed the Ops Board for this night in an article which lists four 51 Squadron aircraft as being abandoned on this night. "F" "D" "J" and "O". Chorley lists no squadron codes for these four aircraft sadly ! I believe "O" was P4981, "D" was P5013, "F" was possibly T4974, leaving "J" to be T4217. The Ops Board lists "J" as being abandoned over Wetherby, (Yorkshire). I have no aircraft in my records that fit the bill for it coming down in Yorkshire. Other aircraft were diverted up to airfields in Scotland because of the weather.

Has anyone any extra information please ? regards Rich Allenby