I hope there is someone who is willing to help me to verify information from Fighter Commands Combats and Casualties, AIR 16/960.

I am interested in the claim for a destroyed Ju 88 and a Do 17 by Flt Lt Edward Christopher Deanesley and Air Gunner William Jack Scott, RNZAF Deanesley/Scott, 256 Sqn on the night 3/4 May 1941.

All sources agree about the claim for a destroyed Do 17 but I have found conflicting information from different sources about the claim against the Ju 88. No claim in the Combat Report but in the “Personal combat report” (dated 5.5.1941) it was written: “In any case we consider the E/A was damaged and may well have come down. The Squadron ORB and the recommendation for the award of a DFM to Scott both have the claim as Probably destroyed.

Tony Wood’s Combat claims & Casualties lists have this claim as a confirmed “destroyed” together with the claim against the Do 17. It also has the note “Claimed 1-0-0” probably referring to the Combat report.

Tony Wood´s list is probably OK but I would prefer to have confirmed information about what was written in the original Fighter Commands Combats and Casualties.

Thanks in advance,