After my Fathers 1st tour with 75(NZ) he moved to 3LFS and 1AAS (I am deliberately vague about when, because his Official records seem at complete odds to what is listed in his log book......

My initial thought is that he went there to instruct, but now it occurs to me that he would have had to convert to Lanc's - having come from Mepal with only Stirling experience, also, whilst at Manby, he qualified as a Category B Bombing Leader.

Given the time he was away from 75(NZ) - he returned fro his second tour 25/1/45 - I assume he must have spent some of that time as an instructor - his total flying time for that whole period between Tours (based on his LB) was only 6 hours and twenty minutes......

Is anybody able to shed any generic light on the roles of inter tour crew at training places like this and as a longer shot, does anybody have any ORB's from these establishments for the period I have listed, or does anybody know anything about the syllabus taught ?

I know that's a fair request

fingers crossed