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Thread: Iceland; RAFVR airman posting in 1942

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    Default Iceland; RAFVR airman posting in 1942

    Some names on the rear of a photograph taken August 1942;
    The occupants (?) of Hut 242, RAF Works Flight are named as Ron Moore, "Tosh" Russell, Bert "Gremlin" Harper, Bill Mair, Joe Rossiter, Jack Lander, Herbie (Herbert Causley), Jimmy Don, Jimmy Butler, Joe Derby and "Stevie" Steven, taken outside the 'Getsum Inn' (Later 'Fred Karno's'), at Kaldadarnes, Iceland

    Question is; why were these aircrew posted to Iceland, and what were their duties? Herbert Caulsley later became tail gunner in HK594.

    I'm assuming that they were 'in storage' awaiting the RAF's need for trained aircrew?
    They look a pretty mixed bunch with at least one older man in the group, none with any insignia to be seen nor any stripes.

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    Hi Jake

    If they were a Works Flight then I assume they were there to maintain the airfield, facilities and infrastructure of the station. They would be in the Airfield Construction Branch.


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