I have a report on this

March 10, 1932 Lt Patrick George Osric Sydney-Turner RN attached RAF

The second escape with the Irvin Quick-Release Equipment was effected by Lieut. Sidney-Turner, R.N., attached to the R.A.F. He was flying a Blackburn "Ripon" torpedo bomber off Gosport, Hants, practising torpedo dropping attacks in formation. Being the last to go down to attack, he put the aircraft into a stern dive, then it took control and started a stabilised dive on its back at 4,000 feet. At 2,000 feet he abandoned it after trying in vain to correct it, and soon had his Irvin Air Chute open. It functioned perfectly, he said, and he checked hit descent fifty feet from the water.

He alighted about 200 yards away from the aircraft and spent twenty minutes in the water (temperature 38 degrees) waiting to be picked up. The Quick-Release Harness worked well, was his other comment, and a slight delay in pulling the rip cord ring, which has occuured, was entirely due to the fact that he was wearing gloves.

However, I can't find a Ripon incident that matches. If it helps he was posted to HMS Furious April 1932

Any idea of a derial or confirmation of date>