Ross, not sure if I am allowed to do this, and if I am allowed, that I have stuck it in the right place? Please forgive me if this is a NO, No and just delete my post.

2012 - 102 Ceylon Squadron Association Reunion - Pocklington, North Yorks - 21st-22nd July.

Yet again the Association is planning it's reunion, and although we will not be having a formal sit down meal this year, we do still hope that many will attend the very nice buffett we have planned on the Saturday night.

Full details of the weekend can be found on our web site, under the 'Reunion' tab.

The Saturday afternoon meeting at the Pocklington Arts Cetnre is for Association members and those looking to get involved. We want everyone to feel as if they can come along and see what we have planned for the coming year, and how the web site has inspired so many new people to share their stories.

The whole weekend is open to everyone, but if you do wish to come to the Saturday evening could you please drop me an email via the web site, thanks.

The number of veterans attending is dropping each year, not surprising given some of them are mid 90's, but the ones that are planning on attending keep us entertained with stories of what it was like to be part of an RAF squadron during WW2. I spent a lot of last year crying laughing at some of the things these guys (and galls) got up to.. the best by a long way, was when one crew apparently bombed their own airfield

Hope to see some of your there..