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    KoenL Guest

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    Hi all,

    My name is Koen and I was pointed to this forum by 'galgos' after posting a request for information about Operation Oyster on the Britmodeler website.
    He said this forum is full of knowledgeble people when it comes to RAF WW2 operations so I hope someone can provide me with some more information on said raid.

    I will start with my original post on the Britmodeler website:

    Hello chaps,

    Living in Eindhoven I have started to develop a particular interest in 'Operation Oyster', the bombing of the Phillips radio works located not far from my house. With 93 aircraft taking part this was at the time the largest bomb raid of the war.
    The attacking forces consisted of:
    - 47 Venturas Is of RAF 21, RAAF 464 and RNZAF 487 Squadrons
    - 36 Boston IIIs of RAF 88, 107, and 226 Squadrons
    - 10 Mosquito IVs of 105 and 139 Squadrons

    Out of these 9 Venturas, 4 Bostons and 1 Mossie were lost with a further three aircraft crash landing after the low level mission.

    Here are some pictures from the actual raid I managed to find online:

    And an interesting RAF video about the raid:

    Last but not least here are the memories of a Ventura pilot who had to ditch his aircraft after the raid:
    Now I was wondering if some kind soul would have any more information on the aircraft which took part in this raid? I know there are decals for a number 226 Squadron aircraft in the Italeri 1/48 Boston kit but they are for April 1942 while the raid was in December. I'm also not certain if this particular aircraft ( Z2249/MQ-D ) was even in the raid at all.
    As far as I know there is no 1/48 RAF Ventura so that's a shame but are there any other 1/48 Boston or Mossie decals available for any of the aircraft that took part in Operation Oyster?




    Now I don't really expect any answers on decalsheets for said aircraft but is there anyone that has any information on the specific aircraft taking part in this raid? I've also heard some people say there were Mitchells in the raid although I don't see them being mentioned in the RAF video, anyone care to comment?
    Also are there any other good sources online for information on Operation Oyster?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Hello Koen, and welcome to the forum!

    Some 464 Sqn Operations Record Books have been digitized and may be viewed on-line at the National Archives of Australia:

    The 464 Sqn ORB, in addition to listing the RAAF crews participating in "Oyster", includes a detailed narrative of that operation from a 464 Sqn. perspective.

    The following a/c from 464 took part in “Operation Oyster”, 6 December 1942.
    I have used a ? mark where I could not read the entry due to blurry image.

    All are Ventura Mk. II except where otherwise noted, and (FTR) is for for missing, Failed To Return. No individual a/c code letters are included in the “Oyster” entries.

    AJ466 -W/C Young, RAF
    AJ491 -S/L Carlisle, RAF
    AE937 -F/L Sugden, RAF
    AE854 -P/O Abbott, RAAF
    AE695- (Mk I) Sgt. Swan, RCAF
    AJ169 -Sgt. Lush, RAF
    AJ174 -P/O Rule, RAAF
    AJ224 -P/O Kerr, RAAF
    AE791 -(Mk. I) P/O Roberts, RAAF
    AE684 -(Mk. I) Sgt. Goldstiver, RAAF
    AE853 -Sgt. Powell, RAF
    AE945 -Sgt. Harvey, RCAF (FTR)
    AE920 -P/O Roberts, RAAF
    AE??? -F/O ??????, RCAF (FTR)
    ????? -(Mk I) ??????, RAAF
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    KoenL Guest


    Thanks a lot Ken! I've tried searching the National Archives website but it takes some getting used to. Does it mention the fate of those crews that Failed To Return?

    Thanks again,


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    Bart FM Droog Guest


    Hello Koen,

    <b>Ventura, AE702, SB-Q</b>
    Shot down at 12.39 hrs in the target area by Flak.

    Flying Officer (Pilot) <a href=''>Maurice G. Moor</a>, RCAF J/10139, 464 Sqdn., age 23, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL
    Flying Officer (Nav.) <a href=''>Nathan Cohen</a>, RAF 120429, 464 Sqdn., age 33, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL
    Pilot Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.) <a href=''>Sidney A. Venneear</a>, RAAF 123683, 464 Sqdn., age unknown, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL
    Sergeant <a href=''>Mervyn L.V. Hass</a>, RAAF 414026, 464 Sqdn., age 27, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL

    <b>Ventura AE945, SB-E</b>
    Shot down by flak and crashed at 12.39 hrs in the target area.

    Flight Sergeant (Pilot) <a href=''>Beverly M. Harvey</a>, RCAF R/88469, 464 Sqdn., age 22, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL
    Warrant Officer (Obs.) <a href=''>Basil Marrows</a>, RAFVR 905358, 464 Sqdn., age 32, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL
    Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) <a href=''>Joseph B.A. MacPherson</a>, RAFVR 1194240, 464 Sqdn., age 28, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL
    Sergeant <a href=''>Farquharso n Proctor</a>, RAAF 8063, 464 Sqdn., age 21, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL

    <b>Ventura AJ213, SB-N</b>
    Shot down by Flak shortly after crossing the Dutch coast. Crashed at 12.18 hrs at Vrouwenpolder (Zeeland)

    Sgt S.C. Moss, RAAF - POW (wounded)
    Sgt R.A. Wagner, RAF - POW
    Sgt J.A. Wallis, RAF - POW
    Sgt F.C. Lindsay, RAAF - POW

    Sources: CWGC and W.R. Chorley, 'Bomber Command Losses Vol 3: 1942'.


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    KoenL Guest


    Thanks a lot Bart! Seems like some of those crews are buried not far from where I live.

    A post on britmodeler revealed the following Boston serials plus the crashed Mossie:

    "Looking through my copy of "The Reich Intruders" by Martin Bowman I have some basic details of some of the aircraft on the raid.

    The Mosquito that was lost was - DZ371 "A" - crashed crew KIA. There are a couple of pics of Boston III AL754 "D" of 107 Sqd which crashed on return - crew safe.

    Other Bostons listed are W8286 "F", Z2261 "W", W8337 "H", Z2295 (FTR), AL678 "R" from 226. AH740 (FTR), AL737 (FTR) from 107. AL693 "U" from 88"

    Is there anyone who can add to this? Seems finding info on the Mossies in the raid is particularly hard. Thanks for all the help so far again!



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