Could anyone please help me with this pilot ? He was injured when he and another crewman had to bale out of Battle L5110 on 3 August 1940 on 3 August 1940. Though equipped with Hurricanes at this time 253 Squadron had only Fairey Battles during the first months after its formation in late October 1939. It clearly retained one or more Battles as squadron 'hacks'.
J.L. Anderson does not appear in 'MEN OF THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN' (1989 or 1993) and I do not presently have access to the ORB for 253 Squadron. Nor can I find him on the AIR 78 online series. The above details came from the F.1180 accident report for this incident.

Does anyone know his Christian names or if his service number quoted above is correct ? Any other details welcome too.


Martin Gleeson.