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Thread: Two losses in June 1943 in NE England

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    Default Two losses in June 1943 in NE England

    Hello, the NorthEast diary website had the following about two crashes in June 1943:

    Sunday, 13th June 1943 D1380
    At about 11.30, a Typhoon operating from Milfield airfield, near Wooler, crashed in a field at Kimmerston Farm, Milfield. The plane was heard to come down in a power dive at a speed estimated at 600 mph, it did not pull out of it in time. The pilot was killed.

    Monday, 14th June 1943 D1381
    A Hurricane crashed at 12.25 on Milfield Hill Farm, Northumberland, it crashed almost on take-off. The pilot, seriously injured, was taken to the airfield hospital, were he died later that day. The aircraft was damaged.


    Another sources give the ID of both aircraft, both of 59 OTU:
    13/06/1943 Typhoon I R7580 59OTU Spun into ground 1/2 mile East of RAF Milfield
    14/06/1943 Hurricane X AF956 59OTU Crashed on take-off from RAF Milfield, crashing 1/2 mile North-West of the airfield


    I would like to have the name of these pilots.

    Thanks in advance

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