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Thread: Squadron Leader Gerald Hans Hamilton-Mack

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    Default Squadron Leader Gerald Hans Hamilton-Mack

    Has anyone ever come across Squadron Leader Gerald Hans Hamilton-Mack?

    From the London Gazette I gathered he was not an "official" Squadron Leader but "given" the rank "during the hostilities". He was quite knowledgeable about SOE Belgium probably because he lived there prior to the war & post war.

    His offices were: 6th floor Centre Block, Bush House, Aldwych, (Phone) Temple Bar 1581.

    There are several letters in my uncle, Tobias Biallosterski's PF (Personal SOE file) from Hamilton-Mack to Major Dobson (SOE) and from Dobson back. He requested my uncle's debriefing report pursuant to his return from his first mission in Holland. Dobson replied he would send him the report but to keep it to himself. My uncle was an SOE agent who was dropped on two missions but died unfortunately in Feb 1945 in Holland during his second mission.

    After reading my uncle's report he queried Dobson about specific Resistance organisations in Holland. He seemed to be well versed in what was going on there as well as knowing the code name for Major Ides Floor who was with SOE Belgium and had assisted my uncle during his escape from Holland to the UK.

    Lastly, in my uncle's agenda, there is a list of hierarchy at SOE followed by Hamilton-Mack's name with an arrow pointing between PWE<--->PID. So perhaps he was the liaison between Political Warfare Executive and the Political Intelligence Department?

    Any light that can be shed would be most appreciated. I've looked exhaustively through files at Kew and nothing came up. If nobody has heard of him perhaps someone could suggest where to look further?

    Many thanks again,

    Suzanne Biallot-Siebert
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    Default Squadron Leader Gerald Hans Hamilton Mack

    This is my Uncle Gerald, he, and his wife and children have now passed on, but I am able to give you a little information about him and his war effort. also some background if you would like it. please contact me on if you would like to know more about him. Penny Ennis. My mother was his wife's sister.

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    Details of his war-time unformed service can be found by searching the LG for 86854. He was a Substantive Flt Lt by the end of the war. It is thus entirely possible that he was an Acting Sqn Ldr (acting 'promotions' were not promulgated in the LG.). He did a stint as a Deputy Assistant Provost Marshal, and was in the Admin & Spec Duties Branch, so he was not an 'ordinary' RAF Officer.
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