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    Very many thanks to those that provided information on a relative MIA with 144 squadron. Following the success of this initial approach I wonder whether or not there is anyone who has access to information from ORB for the period 1944 - 1945, and in particular a member of aircrew (gunner) by the name of Edward F. Beck. Edward, my father-in-law, died 10 years ago without sharing any information other than he was involved in bombing missions in Italy and the Middle East in Liberators (B24) and Lancasters. Why was he involved with two squadrons? Where did he do his training. Any further information gratefully received. If it helps I believe E.F. Becks service number was 1819951.

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    I think we need a bit more information here regarding your F-in-L.

    142 flew the Wellington and went to North Africa in Dec 42 and disbanded in Oct 44. 614, however, was reformed by renumbering 462 Sqn and they flew the Halifax II and then added the Liberator VIII in Aug 44. 614 was basically a heavy bomber squadrron and acted as the pathfinder unit for many raids in the Med area. They were disbanded in Jul 45 when the sqn was renumbered.

    There is no reason why your father in law shouldn't have served on two (or even more) sqns. He might simply have been transferred when 142 disbanded, if he was halfway through his overseas tour.

    I can't tell you anything about Lancasters in the Med, although 178 Sqn flew them from Fayid from the end of 1945 and the sqn was renumbered 70 in Apr 46.

    As with all these family mysteries, I recommend getting the Record of Service; then an enormous Alladin's Cave of information will be at your finger tips - I promise you!!

    Colin Cummings

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