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Thread: Sgt Clement Wood and photo Stalag Luft 3, 1943

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    Default Sgt Clement Wood and photo Stalag Luft 3, 1943


    Sgt. Clement Wood from Ovenden, Halifax, studying Radio communications before the war. He was also part of hut C2 5 at Fallingbostal, which included interestingly John Bristow, The Canary.

    Clement was shot down on 27th July 1940. His son Jon posted on xplanes a long time ago with the attached photograph. He is no longer on the same contact details so hope he picks this up sometime or someone can put me in touch. In the mean time, does anyone recognise anyone? The picture was taken in 1943 at SL3. The guys at the back far left are Sgt. R McDonald and l think LAC Alfred Overill. Clement Wood is second from the left in the front row.

    The Sgts left SL3 in June 1943 and both McDonald and Overill remained there rather than going on to SL6. With the number of caps, these could be officers in the main camp post June 1943 although Clement went on to SL6 with the rest of them.

    Any ideas?


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