Another couple of occupants of hut C2 5 at Fallingbostal.

Crew members of a 57 Squadron Wellington shot down on 7th August 1941 and Whitworth was captured near St Omer the same day.

Michael Picton Whitworth was certainly in camps L3, L6 and L357 but unsure about his early times. A student from St. James Gardens, London

I have a fair amount of information on Whitworth but little on McCaig as l cannot locate his liberation questionaire. Ross has him listed as D P F McCaig, POW number 86, but l think this is not my chap. I think the POW number is correct, Whitworth being 88, but the other details do not tally.

There are 4 87's, one of which ended up in 357 and was shot down on 2nd August 1941, so that seems to correspond. I know that the numbers were repeated and duplicated.

Any information on these two guys would be much appreciated.