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Thread: Sgt. D L Reed, 76 Squadron Halifax 8th November 1942 and Stalag 357

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    Default Sgt. D L Reed, 76 Squadron Halifax 8th November 1942 and Stalag 357


    Sgt D L Reed POW No 846 was aboard a 76 Squadron Halifax, DT515 MP-T, when it was lost on 8th November 1942.

    Any further deetails available, please?

    When piecing the members of hut C2 5 together, you start to pick out groups. There is no doubt that the prisoners tended to stick together in groups of 2 - 4 called a combine, with a view to looking after each other, scavanging together rather than on their own, but you also pick out other groups, for instance sgts from the same squadron at the same time, crews shot down at the same time who have been in the same camps up to that point.

    Newbies's, shot down in 44 and 45 who needed to be shown the ropes and potentially watched to make sure they were who they say they were. People interested in the radio, which would have included a few 'minders' and 'broadcasters'. It is probably fair to say that the radio would have been kept as far away from any escape activity as possible.

    Other times it was just a case of grab a bed, what ever, then my theory falls apart completely.

    Hope this gives you some back ground to my research. I'm also hoping that some relatives or specific researchers pick up these postings.



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    Found this (which is in pigeon english thanks to google translation) which lists the crew and their fate (which I thought might help with your research if you haven't already got the information)

    English Halifax bomber DT515 II Serial Coded MP T-76th of Linton on Ouse sq
    Bombardment of Genoa
    Touched by the German Flak
    Abandoned airplane in flames to Chaumont, the seven crew members to parachute
    The device crashes abandoned in the forest of the star, to Sexfontaine
    Sergeant N Gorfunkle, wounded and taken prisoner dies in hospital at Chaumont, buried in the cemetery of Saint Aignan.
    Sergeant LW Horne (gunner) will join England in September 1944
    Sergeant McBride PDI RNZAF captured
    Sergeant HW Owen captured
    Sergeant DL Reed captured
    Flight Sergeant George Thom (Driver), escapes by the Swiss and then was taken prisoner at Perpignan trying to reach Spain
    HR RCAF Sergeant White captured

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    Main areas of research:

    - CA Butler and the loss of Lancaster ME334 ( )
    - Aircrew Training (Basic / Trade / Operational / Continuation / Conversion)
    - The History of No. 35 Squadron (1916 - 1982) (

    [Always looking for copies of original documents / photographs etc relating to these subjects]

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