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Thread: Red seats in bomber

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    Default Red seats in bomber


    In a previous post last December, I was trying to elucidate a crash on Ouessant island, north west of Brest. I called again my contact who did show to the last witnesses alive the picture of a crashed Whitley « near Brest », but they kept on thinking the aircraft was a Wellington. They do confirm the light grey or white colour. But I keep on thinking, as proposed by Ross, it may be Whitley V, P5050 lost on 04/02/42.
    What about the red seats seen in this bomber by a 18 years old lady ? Was this usual in some particular aircraft ? in Coastal command ?
    Wouldn’t any member have the POW report of any of this crew of 502 Sqn Whitley V, P5050.
    This may answer the question where they fell, and say which one was lightly wounded.

    S/L N S F Davie
    Sgt B C Gillespie RAAF
    Sgt M F Sikal RCAF
    Sgt T R Calder
    Sgt G S Harris
    Sgt J F Barnes

    Thanks again

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    HI Gildas

    I just found your post. Although we have found the pilots and navigators seats for our Whitley rebuild, they did not come with their original upholstery! The seat cushions may have been a red colour, or possibly green - these as far as I know were used on a variety of wartime aircraft so it will not be of much help.

    If you can get to the crash site and find some small items I would more than likely be able to tell you if they originated from a Whitley or not.

    I'm sorry I can't be more help.
    Elliott Smock
    ++ 44 (0)7890 892147

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    Default Whitley

    Hi Gildas
    W/O B C Gillespie 402117 RAAF's casualty file has not yet been digitised on but the title states" Aircraft - Whitley VII T5050: Place - Germany: Date - 4 February 1942"
    For a fee of $16.50 AU you can have the file digitised and displayed on naa website. You can then print file.
    In addition to the file subject, the following servicemen are mentioned in this record:
    DAVIE N S F – (Squadron Leader); Service Number – 90373
    CALDER T W – (Sergeant); Service Number – 627441
    SIKAL M F – (Sergeant); Service Number – R61024 RCAF
    HARRIS C S – (Sergeant); Service Number – 1166732
    BARNES J F – (Sergeant); Service Number – 923213

    Also there is a photo of W/O Gillespie with the Australian cricket team at Stalag Luft I. Go to, collections, collections search, Type in UK2534A.
    Hope this helps
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