I am trying to identify two French air crew as he one on the right may be my grand father. I have a photograph which I have linked below.

I have visited Elvington, as the photograph was taken in Scarborough, and they helped me narrow it down to Sergeant Chef air gunners.

I am currently trying to eliminate a man called Jean Garrido. I have found him on the French blog which states he left on 29/01/1945. I have looked at the ORB records up to Jan 1945 and he was with 346 Guyenne, mid upper gunner no. 87831, with captain L. Bourgain. His last flight with his crew was on 02/01/1945, but his crew flew again on 05/01/1945 without him. He was replaced by A. Tallonneau. The original crew are then recorded as being posted to F.A.F Camp Camberley on 28/01/1945 at the end of their tour, but there is no mention of Garrido. Could there be any reason why he just disappears off the records? Would it be possible to get his records and where would they be?

I really need photographs of both squadrons, so I have emailed SECTION DES ARCHIVES ICONOGRAPHIQUES DE L'ARMEE DE TERRE to see if they have any, although I do not know yet if this was correct. I have also been informed that L Bourgain wrote a book, but I have yet to find the English copy, Halifax for Liberty.

Any ideas of what I could try next would be gratefully received!!

Thanks for your time.