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Thread: Bomber Command Sqn & Stn W/T callsign list

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    Default Bomber Command Sqn & Stn W/T callsign list

    Evening All

    Does anyone possess a file of the complete list for BC Sqns and Stns W/T call signs?

    Thanks in advance for co-operation

    Kind Regards

    Tony H

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    I'm not sure there is a "master list". But from the old version of this forum: (originally posted by "CS")

    Code book CD0270(3) came in in spring 1944, here are most of the Bomber Command airfields. The code book is kept at the National Archives, sorry I do not have the reference to hand.The others without the CD reference are earlier call signs.

    Abingdon Peeloff CD0270(3)
    Acaster Malbis Flatroof CD0270(3)
    Alconbury Sailfirst CD0270(3)
    Balderton Cheapride CD0270(3)
    Bardney Rudkin
    Bardney Smalltype CD0270(3)
    Barford St John Critic CD0270(3)
    Bassingbourn Frontpiece CD0270(3)
    Benson Digdeep
    Bicester Endwar CD0270(3)
    Bicester Dunbridge VHF CD0270(3)
    Binbrook Leary CD0270(3)
    Bitteswell Lickwell CD0270(3)
    Blyton Woolsack
    Blyton Sleepwalk CD0270(3)
    Boscombe Down Pugla
    Bottesford Flowerbed 1/11/43
    Bottesford Ringout CD0270(3)
    Bourn Crestwave CD0270(3)
    Bourn Monty 1/3/42
    Bramcote Drakeford CD0270(3)
    Breighton Nosmo CD0270(3)
    Bruntingthorpe Kirbchain CD0270(3)
    Burn Roundshot CD0270(3)
    Carnaby Human CD0270(3)
    Chedburgh Roughedge CD0270(3)
    Chipping Norton Ironpot CD0270(3)
    Chipping Warden Payoff CD0270(3)
    Chipping Warden Azure
    Church Broughton Musichall CD0270(3)
    Coningsby Mulebag CD0270(3)
    Croft Bigtree CD0270(3)
    Dalton Holdtight CD0270(3)
    Desborough Homeyard CD0270(3)
    Dishforth Mismay CD0270(3)
    Downham Market Offstrike CD0270(3)
    Driffield Braemar CD0270(3)
    Dunholme Lodge Bluestripe CD0270(3)
    Dunholme Lodge Bakewell
    East Kirkby Silksheen CD0270(3)
    East Moor Singer CD0270(3)
    East Wretham Woodbrook CD0270(3)
    Edgehill Lifelike CD0270(3)
    Elgin Rooksnest CD0270(3)
    Elsham Wolds Hazel 4/43
    Elsham Wolds Shopboy CD0270(3)
    Elvington Farmwork CD0270(3)
    Enstone Bestthing CD0270(3)
    Faldingworth Rimer CD0270(3)
    Feltwell Dewpool CD0270(3)
    Finmere Fairmaid CD0270(3)
    Finningley Newbridge CD0270(3)
    Fiskerton Passout CD0270(3)
    Forres Crossbones CD0270(3)
    Foulsham Cartwright CD0270(3)
    Fulbeck Oilgrease CD0270(3)
    Full Sutton Carter CD0270(3)
    Gamston Jelkot CD0270(3)
    Gaydon Nordic Two
    Gransden Lodge Ardmore CD0270(3)
    Graveley Brishbrush CD0270(3)
    Great Massingham Heyho CD0270(3)
    Grimsby Nametab CD0270(3)
    Hampstead Norris Lifeline CD0270(3)
    Harwell Poundweight CD0270(3)
    Hemswell Deluxe CD0270(3)
    High Ercall Mosstich
    Hinton in the Hedges Oppose CD0270(3)
    Hixon Cliffroad CD0270(3)
    Holme on Spalding Moor Sigmoid CD0270(3)
    Honeybourne Hatchland CD0270(3)
    Honington Outshine CD0270(3)
    Ingham Runik CD0270(3)
    Kelstern Peakfrean CD0270(3)
    Kingscliffe Churchpath CD0270(3)
    Kinloss Plateglass CD0270(3)
    Kirmington Risky CD0270(3)
    Lakenheath Mainroad
    Langar Squirrel
    Leconfield Queerlane CD0270(3)
    Leeming Mustwe CD0270(3)
    Lichfield Affray CD0270(3)
    Lindholme Rilla CD0270(3)
    Linton on Ouse Dogbark CD0270(3)
    Lissett Stepin CD0270(3)
    Little Snoring Exking CD0270(3)
    Little Staughton Breadboard CD0270(3)
    Long Marston Handbag CD0270(3)
    Lossiemouth Scarface CD0270(3)
    Ludford Magna Bookworm
    Marham Waggon 11/42
    Market Harborough Bigtrout CD0270(3)
    Marston Moor Leven CD0270(3)
    Melbourne Milkpail CD0270(3)
    Mepal Mawkish CD0270(3)
    Metheringham Coffeestall CD0270(3)
    Methwold Highheel CD0270(3)
    Middleton St George Strapper CD0270(3)
    Mildenhall Redcoat CD0270(3)
    Molesworth Sabbo CD0270(3)
    Moreton in the Marsh Marklane CD0270(3)
    Newmarket Pibrock CD0270(3)
    North Creake Worker CD0270(3)
    North Killingholme Lambec CD0270(3)
    North Luffenham Roadhouse CD0270(3)
    Nuneaton Mission CD0270(3)
    Oakington Pioneer CD0270(3)
    Ossington Mopal CD0270(3)
    Oulton Azure CD0270(3)
    Peplow Plaincard CD0270(3)
    Pershore Sideslip CD0270(3)
    Pocklington Firstaid CD0270(3)
    Polebrook Newflick CD0270(3)
    Riccall Stonebridge CD0270(3)
    Rufforth Garwood CD0270(3)
    Sandtoft Queensarm CD0270(3)
    Scampton Lefthand CD0270(3)
    Sculthorpe Amberglow CD0270(3)
    Seighford Monkplace CD0270(3)
    Silverstone Rosehue CD0270(3)
    Skellingthorpe Blackswan CD0270(3)
    Skipton on Swale Briarwood CD0270(3)
    Snaith Agnola CD0270(3)
    Spilsby Foamrange CD0270(3)
    Stanton Harcourt Fishtail CD0270(3)
    Stradishall Halma CD0270(3)
    Stratford on Avon Keepwell CD0270(3)
    Strubby Fruitpick CD0270(3)
    Swannington Docile CD0270(3)
    Swanton Morley Smalldoor CD0270(3)
    Swinderby Shortjack CD0270(3)
    Syerston Stuga CD0270(3)
    Tempsford Brasstray CD0270(3)
    Tholthorpe Fishzone CD0270(3)
    Tilstock Freshwater CD0270(3)
    Topcliffe Goodfriend CD0270(3)
    Tuddenham Singhigh CD0270(3)
    Upper Heyford Shelllike CD0270(3)
    Upwood Hardnut CD0270(3)
    Waddington Jetty
    Warboys Fulltime CD0270(3)
    Waterbeach Nectar CD0270(3)
    Wellesbourne Mountford Nidus CD0270(3)
    West Raynham Vertex CD0270(3)
    Westcott Pepsin
    Wickenby Grateful CD0270(3)
    Wigsley Donus CD0270(3)
    Wing Bridesmile
    Winthorpe Clickheel CD0270(3)
    Witchford Blackmass CD0270(3)
    Wombleton Chickenleg CD0270(3)
    Woodbridge Everret CD0270(3)
    Woodhall Spa Guncrew CD0270(3)
    Woolfox Lodge Headfirst CD0270(3)
    Wratting Common Heelclick CD0270(3)
    Wymeswold Bigstep CD0270(3)
    Wyton Beachline CD0270(3)
    Fiskerton Bonfire? 01/05/43
    Gaydon Boarshead CD0270(3)
    Langar Phonering CD0270(3)
    Marham Smallhead CD0270(3)
    Pershore Foray
    Snaith Lady 21/06/43
    Swanton Morley Firstlord
    Waddington Slangword CD0270(3)
    Mildenhall Python Late 38
    Snaith Mable
    Ludford Magna Revolve CD0270(3)
    Harwell Parkland VHF CD0270(3)



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    Now I just a list for the Sqn's - but this is a big boost

    Kind Rgds

    Tony H

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    I'm pretty sure that Waddington's was "slangword" and not "jetty", as for the squadrons based there, 467 was Mozart and 463 was Fuller.
    Max Williams
    the story of Lancaster ME453

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    I have made some research into this subject and I may add two points:

    - The allocation of call signs to RAF Stations was changed several times during the Second World War (maybe four or five times). So, while I confirm that Slangword was Waddington call sign between April 1944 and May 1945, Jetty may have been used during a previous period (possibly around 1941 as proposed by some sources).

    - Squadron call signs were changed even more often. The basic system consists in providing each main station with one or several call sign blocks. For example, between April 1944 and May 1945, Waddington was associated with Station Aircraft Call Sign (SACS) Blocks 11 (Spotnose, Cohop, Rosen, Toban & Kennet) and 258 (Fuller & Mozart). The Stations then attached call signs from their SACS Blocks to the squadrons based there and on their satellite airfields. Squadrons thus changed their call signs when the system was changed (see above) and when moving to another main station. Furthermore, I would not take as a fact that squadrons were always allocated a fixed call sign for a significant period of time. Actually, looking at the only well documented case I have encountered so far (Pocklington, between April 1943 and May 1944), it rather appears that call signs were constantly re-allocated between the Pocklington, Melbourne and Elvington squadrons, at irregular intervals but roughly every two weeks.

    I am afraid that the RAF call sign system was much more complex than we generally think and I would be delighted if some forumite can share more information about it.

    Best wishes,

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