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    I saw Dennis Burkes suggestion about continuing his Legacy I think it is a worth while exercise. I think we can all contribute - I believe between us all we have all the books required, and I also get the AB Crash Lists.

    I have a copy of Henks computer files that were accurate up to a few days before he could no longer communicate with us. The were in WPS format but I have converted them to Word, but a lot of detail is in Dutch and the Index is a bit complex they would be better in Excel.. I am willing to provide them to anyone who is willing to take the collation on (I wish I could do it myself but I work full time and have a young family, and WW2 losses while an interest are not my immediate priority at the moment, but I have another project on the go at the moment which you may have guessed at already) so could not devote much time to it

    Please Note: I am NOT willing to share them out to all in sundry because

    a) If I use them to help querys on this source I will credit Henk as the source
    b) They would get enviablity get a wider distribution which means a) would be lost
    c) I have an optimist plan for the future to create a Losses Wiki which provides more info than the standard fare on CWGC and will have as its opening page that it is not my all own work but Henks!- But this is a retirement project and I have two other projects before then!

    However, I am willing to have a look see at the files on request
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