If Ross will permit, and slightly off-topic (but not much!)
The death has been announced (Daily Telegraph Obits) of Capt Bob McQueen, RN. He commanded Ascension Island during the build-up of Op CORPORATE – and he did it with a rod of iron! At one stage Wideawake Airfield was busier (in one 24-hr period) than Chicago O’Hare. The man in charge should have been an RAF Air Commodore in order to make mere RN 4-ring Captains do as they were told. But Tri-Service Jointery in 1982 still consisted (in minds of the Navy) of the Army and RAF doing what the Navy wanted!
However, “We” won CORPORATE. “They” lost it because “They” made bigger and better mistakes than “We” did. But there were some very close shaves – and some of ‘em on Ascension.
RIP Bob McQueen, RN, you did us proud!
Peter Davies (and I was there!)