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    Default 1942 unknown Training Unit.

    Calling the boffins,

    I have recently obtained an interesting photograph of a unknown unit, believed to be from the second half of 1942, but could be a little earlier or later.. The photo is approx A4 size with 27 passport size portraits/mugshots spread left to right in rows. Below each photo is a faded typed name & post. Two names/posts are obscured through a fold crease. The only name I recognise is the C.F.I., Sqn Ldr FWS TURNER, a Canadian in the RAF who went on to become OC 'B' Flt on 76 Sqn from Jan 1943 to Sep 1943 when he was shot down and killed on ops. I have his movements logged from joining Uxbridge Depot in Jan 1936, No.2 FTS , 99 Sqn, 149 Sqn & to joining 419 Sqn in Jul 1942. And joining 76 Sqn in Jan 1943. He had been fighting since the first op of the war, the bombing German Shipping on Sep 3rd 1939 so this was probably a rest tour. So I think the date of this photo is 1942, possibly a little later. Its the staff make up that leads me to think its a training unit, possibly a Heavy Conversion Unit (and Turners rest tour)~ . I have been unable to figure out the abbreviations of Nos 4, 13, 15 and the 'T' before Wing but think that could be 'Training'. Please could you take a look at the list and tell me if you recognise the unit (and any names). Thank you


    1. Group Captain Arthur Ronald COMBE - Station Commander (w.e.f 6 June 1942)
    2. Wing Commander J.A. RONCORONI - Chief Instructor (Stn Cdr w.e.f 3 June 1942)
    3. Wing Commader C. WEBSTER - Chief Training Instructor.
    4. Squadron Leader F.W. CARRYER - S.AD.O
    5. Squadron Leader F.W.S. TURNER - Chief Flying Instructor
    6. Squadron Leader R.H. MORETON - Chief Ground Instructor
    7. Squadron Leader N.R. MANSFIELD - OC 'A' Flight
    8. Squadron Leader A.D. SAUNDERS - OC 'B' Flight
    9. Squadron Leader S. ROBINSON - OC 'C' Flight
    10. Squadron Leader A.K. PASSMORE - OC 'D' Flight
    11. Squadron Leader J. HARVEY - OC Servicing
    12. Squadron Leader (illegible, lost in crease) - Station Signals Officer
    13. Squadron Leader H. NELSON - F/Control
    14. Squadron Leader G.M. EMERSON - Station Intelligence Officer
    15. Squadron Leader J. FLEMMING - C.A.I
    16. Squadron Leader C.D. AUSTIN - (illegible - lost in a fold crease)
    17. Squadron Leader E.D.W. MERCER - Station Equipment Officer
    18. Squadron Leader WATSON - Senior Medical Officer
    19. Flight Lieutenant F.R. BENSON - Station Navigation Officer
    20. Flight Lieutenant G. RYDER - Signals Officer (T.Wing)
    21. Flight Lieutenant J.W. HEWITT - Gunnery Leader
    22. Flight Lieutenant S.J. BAKER - Station Adjutant
    23. Flying Officer D.V. READ - Bombing Leader
    24. Flying Officer E.J. READ-SMITH - Adjutant (T.Wing)
    25. Flying Officer M.F. ARKELL - Officer Commanding WAAF
    26. Reverend F.T. MAYHEW - Chaplain
    27. A/S/O M.P. SPENCER - Asst Adjutant
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