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Thread: RAF Form 700 or Aircraft log books.

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    Default RAF Form 700 or Aircraft log books.

    Each aircraft during the war (and since) had had a Form 700, signed by a crew prior to flight to certify it has been worked on and is clear for flight. Either this or the individual aircraft log also apparently was a record of the aircraft including details of modifications, repairs and major servicing. I'd love to find some for a handful of specific Lancaster's. Do they exist anywhere?

    Im not talking about Movement Cards.

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    Descriptions of the various sections of Form 700 are in this thread in the RAF Form section of the forum

    Form 700 were sent for destruction when an aircraft was lost or SOC so very few survive, those that do are usually associated with aircraft collected by museum direct from service.

    RAF Museum has Form 700 for a few of their airframes and these are held by DoRIS. The downloadable aircraft/asset data sheet gives a transcript of certain entries.

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