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Thread: Sgt Jones, MIA? In Hurricane N2533, 11/06/1940

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    Bart FM Droog Guest

    Default Sgt Jones, MIA? In Hurricane N2533, 11/06/1940

    I've a question about this plane and pilot:

    Type: Hurricane Mk. I
    Serial number: N2533, GZ-?
    Operation: Patrol over Le Tréport
    Lost: 11/06/1940
    Sgt Jones, missing (not known by CWGC)
    Missing after fight with Hs 126

    Source: Norman L.R. Franks, Fighter Command Losses, Vol 1, 1939-1941, Second edition, Midland, 2008

    I've checked the other Jones'es who died or went missing around this date, but none seems to be the Sgt Jones who was supposed to be in this Hurricane. On 11/06/1940 only one Jones is listed by the CWGC:

    Sergeant (Obs.) Maurice G. Jones, RAF 581185, 15 Sqdn., age 23, 11/06/1940, Pont-Audemer Communal Cemetery, F

    But he's buried together with the other crew members of the Blenheim IV he was on. Does anyone knows what's the story/mystery with Hurricane N2533?



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    Default Sgt Jones MIA?

    Hi Bart,
    On page 428 of Peter Cornwell's recent 'Battle of France,Then and Now',there is a picture of N2533,coded 'GZ-X' after force-landing with the caption that Sgt Jones was believed captured.So there is still some doubt about his eventual fate.

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    If you go to on the LEMB website you will find this brief reference to GZ-X N2533:

    "Hawker Hurricane MK I
    England GZ-X N2533
    ex 32SQN captured on 11Jun.1940. The pilot was Sgt Jones. It was on display at The "Beuteausstellung" in Leipzig from 25Aug. to 15Sep.1940."

    If you scroll further down the same page you will find a series of thumbnails of captured Hurricanes - the second one is N2533.

    I've placed a post on the website asking if anyone knows what became of the pilot.


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    Hi Bart
    Ross's POW list is still available on There are many Jones on it(it is a very common name in UK) but you might be able to find this one if you can find his Initials and Service No.

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    Bart FM Droog Guest


    Thanks Mark, Brian and Dick - I'll take a look and change the 'missing' caption to 'believed to be taken PoW' on my <a href=''>32 Squadron</a>-page. '
    With no service number and no initials it is impossible to locate Sgt Jones on Ross' POW list, unfortunately.


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    spitXII Guest

    Default Price's Hurricane Sq32

    Hello gentlemen ,

    Two years ago were seen on ebay a picture of crash-landed Hurricane GZ-Z which could be Price's , the surrounding area looked like the Aumale-Le Treport area , so the plane could be P3353 lost on 8 June . Unfortunately I 've lost this picture in a computer crash.
    Does anyone as more information about 9 June 1940 losses , also Hurricanes ? I have a picture of a Hurricane wreckage downed near Bolbec , Normandy , pilot safe , few days before the arrival of german troops. Could be either P/O Leary Sq17 , P/O MacQueen Sq242 or either P/O Anthony ( dead 14 June ) Sq 73 ?
    I'm also looking for a picture of P/O Lloyd Sq615 killed 22 June 1940 , crashed in my area . It seems he could be seen in a car beside a AW Ensign , as seen on a recent Flypast.
    Thank you ,


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    Bart FM Droog Guest


    Hello Laurent,

    Hurricane I, ?, 17 Sqdn, P/O D.C. Leary - safe
    Patrol over France. Force-landed and returned by train on the 11 June. Hurricane assumed abandoned.

    Hurricane I, P2726, LE-?, 242 Sqdn., P/O D.G. MacQueen - KIA
    Patrol. Shot down over france by Me 109.
    Pilot Officer (Pilot) Donald G. MacQueen, RAF 42142 (Canada), 242 Sqdn., age 20, 09/06/1940, Courtisols (St Memmie) Churchyard, F

    Sources: Franks' FCL and CWGC



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