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Thread: Operation Berlin 23./24.12.1943

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    Default Operation Berlin 23./24.12.1943

    Dear Gentlemen,

    I'm looking for crash details of the following a/c's:

    44 Sqdn. Lancaster I R5669


    576 Sqdn. Lancaster III ED713

    The latter is supposed to have crashed at Rebgeshain. Here I'm looking for verification.

    Any help is much appreciated!



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    Default Ed713

    Hello Steve ,

    According to my " info" ED713 crashed near Hannover, both crews are buried at the Hannover cemetery.

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    Hello Steve,

    From Theo's book, shot down by Oberleutnant Paul Zorner of 1./NJG 3.
    Soon after the bomber went into a steep dive and plunged buning through the clouds. It crashed at 03:03 hours east of Giessen.

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    Default davethefinder

    Hello gentlemen. I am new to this forum and new with research into the Bomber losses of ww2.
    I am researching into the loss of Lancaster r5669 which left Dunholme Lodge airfield for the Christmas Eve raid on Berlin in 1943.
    My uncle was a member of the crew of r5669 which was lost on that raid.

    Let me digress, part of this thread was a question about Lancaster ED713 UL-W2 which according to WR Chorley book of losses in 1943, page 439 says that ED713 UL-W2 crashed in deep snow in a thickly wooded area near Hannover and four members of the crew died and three became pow's. The crew members who were killed are buried in Hannover War Cemetery.

    My particular interest is in Lanc r5569 KM-Z of 44 squadron. My Uncle, Edward John Blackley, sometimes titled Sgt Blackley and sometimes Pilot Officer Blackley was killed on this same raid to Berlin having taken off from Dunholme Lodge at 0046 on 24/12/43. I have done lots of searching on the internet and one site I found suggests that they were downed just after 3 am. Sorry, I don't have record of the site at this time. Pilot Officer Edward John Blackley is buried in Hannover War Cemetery.

    Further searching, including this site, suggests that R5669 may have been shot down by Major Paul Zorner, who claimed 3 Lancasters that night, one of them just after 3 am.

    My research suggests that there were comparatively few aeroplane casualties that night, about 17 or Lancs, so reference to WR Chorley's records lead me to think that r5669 may have been one of Major Zorners conquests.

    If this is the aircraft, Zorner says it was shot down near Rodsenhain. Can anyone help me with more information.

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