Oscar Llewellyn Richards was born in 1898 learn't to fly in the late 1920's with the Midland Aero Club and was the owner of DH80 Moth G-ABCR from May 1932 to November 1937. It appears he died in Bournmouth in 1991

All well and good.. However here is the mystery bit. He wrote an article for the Feb 1937 issue of Popular Flying as 'O R Richards' he had to bale out of an Avro 504N - He does not give a date but he says he as 'stationed at a Royal Air Force aerodrome in Lincolnshire". It was “Lynx Avro,” type 504 N which was "on test after one of its inspections‘ in the Aeroplane Repair Section.” and he fell out of aeroplane while it was inverted and the planed crashed into a field.

That is all I know - No date or any other clues.

The interesting bit is I cannot find any RAF officer with the name Oscar Llewellyn Richards , so he may have been a Sgt Pilot - I has to be after 1928 and before 1937 - But can anybody ID a possible incident - The RAF Lincs may provide a clue? RAF Grantham ? Cranwell ?