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Thread: Service in South Africa

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    Default Service in South Africa

    I have my father's war service record, enlisting in 1939 as Aircrafthand Gereral Duties in the rank of AC2 and posted to NO 3 Depot at Padgate. He then Qualified as Flight Mechanic Engines in 1941 and posted to NO 250TU in 1941 and then posted to No 43 Air Gunnery School South Africa and recommended for training as an air gunner. There are other entries e.g 26 A.S. 69 A.S. 75 A.S. M.A.F. and I.A.D. He has gone between Flight Mechanic Engine to training as an air gunner, can you please tell me what planes he would have been working on or training for.
    Regards Jeff

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    Hi Jeff,

    I have put a section on SAAF Training units on a sub forum

    Here you will find a summary of three of the air schools you list (No.26, No.43 and No.69) and the file names to download for free from The National Archives.

    These files are the ORB or war diary for the unit.

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