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Thread: Observer Corps assisting RAF Bombers in Diverting / Landing 1940 (pre Darky)

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    Default Observer Corps assisting RAF Bombers in Diverting / Landing 1940 (pre Darky)


    I am referring to a system which was being used in 1940, before the 'Darky' radio system was introduced.

    A file at TNA, Kew, has a September 1940 minute reference to the Observer Corps being involved in relation to guiding / diverting a returning RAF bomber which required to land, to an aerodrome.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of publications which mention this 1940 procedure (before the introduction of 'Darky'), or actually seen Air Ministry files on this procedure please?

    I am told by a retired Lt Observer of the ROC, that stricken Bombers would call their Bomber Command R.C. (Regional Control) by W/T, some of whom (Regional Control) were unofficially telephoning the Observer Corps (later ROC) Centre who were plotting the RAF bomber at their Observer Posts, then the Observer Corps Centre was passing the bomber plots back to the Bomber Command Regional Control Station, who were in contact with the bomber requiring to land.

    Bomber Command Boscombe Down Regional Control had two map tables one with Lat. and Long. and the other map table with the grid being used by Fighter Command and the ROC, who would deal with all returning bombers crossing the Southern central coast and crossing toward S.W. Coasts for this purpose, before Darky was introduced.

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