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Thread: London Gazette Consumer Survey

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    Default London Gazette Consumer Survey

    OK, You Lot!!
    The LG is doing a Consumer Survey (well, I've had one!).
    They want you to list the problems - where do we start?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 On 50% of occasions when I call up the LG, and select "WW2" it says "There is a problem . . . ". Ignore that and click on Advanced Search again. There is, subsequently, no problem.
    2 When I input the bloke/blokess' details it (mostly!) comes up with the LG page on which (s)he appears. I might have to go through many, many, "Previous Pages" to find out just why (s)he was there, and what (s)he got.
    3 I use the LG regularly, but not often. I have time to spare. Many of you do not! They can invent some 'short-cuts' to 'title pages/columns'.
    4 They need a better Scanning/OCR system.
    5 I suspect that this Customer Survey is driven more by the LG trying to accumulate evidence, at this time, that it's important (and, therefore, should be exempt from Govt cuts) rather than it's service to the users of the site! But, to be fair, and, having worked in Govt service, my thoughts may be biased, and viewed through a different end of the telescope to the rest of you! I belong to the Smell Of Rat Upon The Air sect, and am a founder member of the Conspiracy Theorist Order
    6 Get in there, and stuff it to 'em.
    Peter Davies
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    Default London Gazette Consumer Survey

    Thanks Peter, We agree that the site needs improvements and are very interested in your opinions. The re-design is not connected with government cutbacks, it was last re-designed in 2007 and we appreciate that it needs a major refresh. More than 18,000 users have been invited to contribute so we are taking the process very seriously!

    We are keen to hear from all types of users of the site and if anyone from this board would like to contribute then the survey is on the following link:

    With best regards

    Richard Goodwin
    London Gazette

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    Hello Richard,
    I wholeheartedly agree with Peter. And its through his post I became aware of the consumer survey which I have now duly completed and sent off. I am a frequent user of the London Gazette for military research, probably because I dont fully understand the differences between all three Gazettes. My main concerns using the London Gazette are:

    1. The different results depending on whether to use/not use the 'full stop'. This is one of many 'tricks' I use to get results
    2. When search results give a 'page number', this often requires further searching - up or down till the target is reached, if at all, tedium sets in and all hope is abandoned.

    Is there a target date to launch the new design? Lets hope it's sooner then later.
    Thank you for what you are doing and Good Luck!
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